Dedication to service
The business is passionate about developing fashionable and innovative home furnishing at the best value in the market.

We also offer a number of exceptional services to meet your needs. We also have custom solutions that make it easy to express the customer’s unique sense of style with a variety of options that include upholstery, beds, dining, home storage and entertainment in your home.



Salient features

When visit our stores you will be happy to realize that we are more than just furniture store. We have skilled design consultants who are very committed to taking the work of decorating your home and they will help create custom furnishings that will define your decorating lifestyle. The consultation is provided at a low budget and if you make a call offer an opinion and you will get free service. Today we remain committed in our service and all the employees are guided by the principles of the company which state that great quality, stylish furniture does not need to be expensive and should be available to everyone. Why don’t you visit one of our showroom today and you will see how we are committed to the idea of stylish home living. You can find lots of great examples of creating comforts at www.creatingcomforts.co.uk
We deliver over 1000 deliveries every week all over the nation and upon the delivery the customers get an email that aims at surveying their experience after a few days. We love to hear the good and we pay utmost attention to problems and we do not smile until you smile.
The furniture that you will get in our stores is of good quality and meets all the standards that ensures that your home living is comfortable.

Customer service

The staff in our stores are very supportive and any queries you may have about furniture will be answered in the best manner possible. They are also very helpful with the decisions within the store and the calls customers make are answered all the time with minimal delay.

Our mission

We are investing our time, talent and resources into creating stylish and fresh living spaces for our customers. Whether it is at home level or organization level we will make the home living extraordinary. We truly believe that a great make over not only brings smiles and comfort for those who need it but it is also a source of encouragement.
Contact us today and we will be glad to help you.